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West Piedmont SCI Peer Counseling Group

The Peer mentors will help others develop their potential within a shared area of interest. The resulting relationships are a reciprocal in that everyone involved in the partnership (individual or group) have an opportunity for healing, growth and development.

Peer mentors are individuals who have extended experience within that common area along with additional training in how to assist another in acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more successful. The participants in these groups will obtain emotional assistance in coping with their needs through structured safe activities.

A Support Coordinator will recruit participants, coordinate transportation to and from activities, administer pre- and post-assessments, and gather and share feedback with all stakeholders. With this project, we want to highlight a program that focuses on Peer Counseling for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

These groups/individuals will meet once a month using discussions and therapy sessions to tackle the needs of each person to increase emotional stability and strength to further gain independence.



INFORMATION PLEASE CALL (540)482-0752 or EMAIL pcobler@drrcva.org, tmills@drrcva.org



Craig H. Neilsen FoundationThe SCI Peer Counselor Program and Support Group will help others develop their potential within a shared area of interest. The extended experience of peer mentors will assist others in acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more successful.

The West Piedmont SCI Peer Counseling Group is a service of the Disability Rights & Resource Center and is funded by a grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

“Though my dad’s lifestyle had been altered considerably, his ambition was unchanged.” - Ray Neilsen


On November 5th Pam Cobler, Scot Mills and Joe Brightwell “rolled” the Danville 5K event held by the Danville YMCA.

These three amazing people, along with the team at WPEPC work together to grow the group and advocate it’s purpose and goal.

We thank them for all their hard work and congratulate them on a roll well achieved!

2016-2017 Calendar of Events

November 29 2016
Thanksgiving luncheon at 12:00 p.m.
Ippy’s Restaurant in Rocky Mount

December 11, 2016
Performance “The Nutcracker”
The Berglund Center in Roanoke

January 21, 2107
Training Seminar
New College Institute in Martinsville

February 2017
Liberty Snowflex Mountain trip to Lynchburg

March 2017
Dinner and a movie night at Westlake Cinema

April 2017
Cooking with Paul
The Gereau Center in Rocky Mount

May 2017
Community Service Day in Danville

June 2017
Lake Day at Smith Mountain Lake

July 2017
Independence Day Celebration
Franklin County High School in Rocky Mount

August 26, 2017
Training Seminar
The Natural History Museum in Martinsville

September 2017
Valley Star 300 Late Model Race - Martinsville Speedway

October 2017
First Data 500 Nascar Race - Martinsville Speedway

January 2018

Nashville Cast at the Harvester - Rocky Mount

Riverdance at Berglund Performing Arts Center - Roanoke

The events without dates and times will be determined by group and advertised once decided.



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